About Us

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Well hello there! 

Thanks for stopping by, we are Carlos, Claire, Charlie, and Coco. A BritMex semi-nomadic family, and this is out travel and lifestyle blog. 

After a whirlwind first year together our son Charlie was born by the ocean in the Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. Before Charlie was even 6 months we had moved 5 times, lived in 5 cities, in 3 different countries.

We traveled for most of Charlies first year and a half but when we found out we were going to be blessed with a second baby we decided to put down some roots in the UK for now.

We travel often as a family and spend as much time outdoors as we can.  

Carlos Palacios Location Free Family Travel Blog

Meet Carlos

Hello, I’m Carlos and since I was a child I have been passionate about traveling. At the age of 12 I sold my toys on the promise of a vacation in the USA to learn to ski on REAL snow. 

I never really thought about getting married, mostly because I didn’t think I would ever find someone as crazy as me. Since we have been a couple we have moved house 6 and have no plans to slow down anytime soon!

I have lived in the USA, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Spain, several cities in Mexico, and now the UK. I love living different experiences, meeting people, languages, traditions and above, all trying local food.

I love our planet and I want to use this space to share the places we visit and their customs with you, I hope you enjoy the ride.

Meet Claire

Hello hello, back in 2017 I packed up all of my belongings into 3 boxes and stored them in my friends attic. I packed up my backpack and hopped on a one way flight to Guatemala. I’d love to tell you that I had a plan, but I really didn’t. 

5 years later I met the love of my life, started a family and together we decided to continue living the nomadic lifestyle together.

I’m nostalgic for the end of my solo adventures for now, but super excited for the start of my new adventures traveling as a family to begin. 

Claire Palacios Summers Location free family travel blog

Meet Charlie

Hola! I’m Charlie, I burst into the world in early 2022. I decided to come a little bit early to surprise my parents, I like to keep them on their toes!

Since I was born I’ve already traveled to many places in Mexico, the USA, and Europe. 

I love the life of my parents, they are adventurers and love to travel.

I’m a true third culture kid as my mother is English, my father is Mexican, my sister is German, and my cousin is French!

So although I can’t speak much right now, I’m pretty sure I’ll be speaking to you in multiple languages in no time.

Meet Coco

I’m Coco, a Terrier-Chihuahua mix, I love fashion and snuggles. I prefer to be sat on someones lap to the floor any day.

Sometimes I can’t go on the adventures as it’s a bit too difficult to take me. So so my Mom and Dad leave me with one of my aunties.

But when I can go I love the beach, running and meeting more animals and people.

I’m also pretty fashionable so look out for my outfits!